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Our enterprise resource planning pricing consists of one time implementation fees and ongoing monthly subscription.

Implementation Fees

Implementation fees are paid by the customer in milestone payments on mutually agreed upon deliverables by R&D Logic. Implementation fees are based on:

  • Enterprise scope
  • Smart connectors required
  • Configured business rules
  • Product features / functions selected

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions are license based on the following factors:

  • Product features / functions selected
  • Number of licenses / users
  • Type of licenses


The R&D Logic Suite includes Financial Planning, Tracking & Analysis, Time Collection, and Reporting. Each module is an individual solution that can stand alone or be used with the entire R&D Logic suite.

License Types

Three license types are available: Administrative, Limited and View only.

Contract Duration

Subscription licenses are available for one, two or multi-year terms.

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